Owner, Operator, and Trainer at Tha Spot

I’ve been an Athlete for as long as I can remember.  As I got older Track and Cross Country were what I really excelled in.  I earned a scholarship to Webber International University to join the Track and Cross Country teams.  It was when I was 15 that I was introduced to Muay Thai, after signing up for a “kickboxing class” with my mom.  I began fighting competitively in 2007.  In my first three years of fighting I won 4 title fights, including a Florida State Title, and a World Title. It wasn’t until 2011 that I started training others, when a good friend of mine came to me for help with post- pregnancy weight loss.  It was then that I created a program for everyday women based around the conditioning and workouts I would use to train for my fights – and it worked!  It is what we refer to now as Power Punch and Cross Fusion Fitness.

I’ve always been that teammate, and that girl at the gym that would go the extra mile, and motivate everyone else to push a little harder, the one who “never gets tired” as I’ve been told.  So it thrills me to introduce others to this kind of fitness, and this kind of health.  I can give you the tools it takes to become stronger, faster, fitter, and Healthier! It is up to YOU to use them!

-ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
-CPR/AED Certified
-World Champion Muay Thai Fighter
-Professional MMA Fighter
-Athletic Conditioning Coach
-Boxing/Muay Thai Coach
-Customized running programs
-Creator of Ladies Program Power Punch and Cross Fusion Fitness


trainer_melissaMELISSA “MOJO” HARBOUR

For as long as I can remember I have always been an active person. I loved to play sports growing up such as Volleyball and Basketball and enjoyed working out at the local gym. It wasn’t until after my pregnancy that I realized that I needed to step it up a notch in order to get back to my ideal weight. After losing 60+ pounds I realized that I became an inspiration to so many people around me and I wanted them to share this same feeling. Working with Tippy over the years and exploring different techniques and styles of training excites me and drives my passion for fitness. I want everyone to enjoy the feeling of an intense workout and leave the gym with the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, ready to do it all again the next day! My small group fitness classes are highly focused on core strength training and high intensity training. I’m not telling you it will be easy but I can guarantee that it’ll be worth it!

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED Certified
Ladies Only Small Group Fitness Instructor
Ladies Power Punch and Cross Fusion Fitness Instructor


trainer_annieANNIE HICKEY

Annie started boxing in 2010 and picked it up very quickly. It was fun for her, it kept her in shape, and became like second nature. The more she was around the fighters and trainers the more she realized she really had a knack for it, and had found her “thing”. Today Annie is a great eye in the corner, very helpful on the mitts, and an extremely enthusiastic and encouraging instructor in our Ladies Power Punch and Cross Fusion Fitness Classes.  Annie will continue to reach her own goals, as well as help others reach theirs.

CPR/AED Certified
Ladies Power Punch and Cross Fusion Fitness Instructor
Boxing Instructor



Shane Dunn is is head coach of SPMF Fight Team.  Shane has been training in Grappling/MMA since 1993, He began his training while serving as a part of an Elite RECON Marine Unit. After honorably serving his country as a RECON Marine, Shane began formally training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Sergio Monteiro, a Second Degree Black Belt under Murrilo Bustamante (Former UFC Champion and co-founder of the world famous Brazilian Top Team). The years of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Sergio Monteiro became the foundation of his fighting style. During the past 18 years Shane has fully integrated stand-up techniques from western boxing and kickboxing with his vast knowledge of grappling and submission wrestling. SPMF’s is able to offer students from beginner to professional a complete MMA fighting system with proven results.

Shane has coached dozen of fighters at the professional and amateur level in both MMA and grappling. Shane personally competed professionally in MMA during the 90’s and was the 2001 North American Grappling Association Florida State and National Champion. Currently, Team SPMF is actively involved in the Florida Amateur MMA circuit as well as regional professional shows such as the RFC and Art of Fighting.

trainer_boARNOLD HILL (Bo)

Arnold Hill (Bo), is a boxing trainer and professional fitness trainer.  He is recognized among his peers, athletes and clients as successful and accomplished.  His lengthy professional career of over twenty plus years, includes, training and coaching of rookie, novice, amateur and professional athletes in both the boxing ring and on the basketball court.   He has coached the National Pro-Am Basketball League and has been in the boxing ring on both HBO and Showtime working with Darrell Woods, Laura Ramsey (Lady Ram) and Carl Fitz, as well as training local area boxers Gino McCClellan, Mario Williams, Kenny Lacy and Antonio Tarver, to mention only a few.

Your one-on-one training sessions with Bo,  will combine personal fitness for overall performance along with boxing instruction and will be custom tailored to your needs all with a coaching style of his own uniqueness; a spirited attitude of success in mind.  Implementing the understanding that each individual is unique and has different goals and ways to achieve them.  He continues to achieve success with all of his clients and athletes, regardless of their levels of experience or goals, by his understanding of needs and goals to focus on, listening, communication and creativity in routines.


“I hold pads and stuff.”