Ladies only small group training

The Sunday class is a small personal training group which is highly focused on Core strength training using various exercises and strength building moves to sculpt the abs, obliques and lower back. This class also offers a mixture of high intensity& circuit training and tons of Cardio! This class combines the exclusivity of personal training with the motivation from other group members creating a fun, energetic environment where everyone is ready to sweat! This class is for all levels and is guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished!

This class is taught by Melissa “Mojo” Harbour, and takes place at Tha Spot Sundays mornings at 8:30am.  There are only 6 spots available for this class.  You MUST reserve a spot to attend.  There are NO walk ins, whether the class is full or not.  These workouts are tailored for the number of ladies attending.

Please email Melissa at: Or call 727-954-7444 to reserve your spot.