Client Testimonials

eva_before_after“In late 2009 I started to gain an unusual amount of weight very quickly. Throughout the years before that I normally fluctuated and ranged anywhere from a size 6 to a 10. Now and again I would get up to a 12 but never stayed there for long as this was always my cue to cut down the calories and add a little extra exercise into my routine. It was always important to me to keep my weight down and It was a nightmare come true when it all first started.”"When I started gaining in 2009 I began exercising more and watching what I ate just as I had done many times in the past, but this time it seemed like no matter what I did I just kept gaining. After a few months of this and having to break down and get a couple pairs of size 14 jeans I decided to see my doctor. After running some tests we found out that my thyroid had become slightly sluggish. Not being a huge fan of prescription medication, I desperately agreed to start taking a light dose of medication that my doctor recommended in hopes that it would at least stop me from gaining any more.” “Three months later I decided to stop the treatment as I was on my way to buy my size 18 dress pants. I also stopped at the old neighborhood gym I used to go to and signed back up. Throughout 2010 I managed to very slowly drop a few pounds and a size mostly through weight lifting. It seemed that no matter how much cardio I did it wasn’t effective so I basically just lifted. BY 2011 I started looking a little bit better but quite honestly for as much weight lifting as I did I should have been a lot more cut, but I worked with what I had and figured I might be a size 16 but at least I’m tone… it was better than the alternative of not doing anything and weighing 300 lbs. I stayed this size right up until I started working out at Tha Spot in the summer of 2012.” “Seven months ago marked the beginning of a transformation that I never could have imagined possible! I was discouraged, disgusted, and just a little depressed when a friend of mine told me about this girl named Tippy and her new kickboxing gym just a few minutes away from my house. I really didn’t think it would benefit me much in the weight loss area, I mean nothing else had… but I liked the fact that it was owned by a female MMA fighter and that I could beat up on a punching bag and maybe learn a couple new moves. Well, to my surprise It wasn’t long after working out there that I started noticing some very real weight loss results. At first I really thought maybe it was just wishful thinking with all that I had been through the couple of years before… but by mid-October others around me started asking what I was doing differently? By the time the holidays rolled around it seemed like I was getting compliments from everyone I saw! New Years Day, six months from my start date at Tha Spot marked my weight loss at 15 lbs! I got more results in 6 months working out under Tippy’s direction then I did in nearly two years on my own. Here we are at the end of February and my size 12′s are starting to get just a little loose on me. I have now lost a total of 20 lbs. In another 6 months there is NO doubt in my mind that I will be in an 8 again… maybe even a 6?! The possibilities are endless!! Tippy Connell is a genius!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart girlie! You have given me back so much.. hope, belief, happiness, and most importantly my body!” – Eva

mojo-before-after“Tippy is not only a motivating individual but she is extremely inspirational based on the results she has pushed me to achieve. I delivered my son May 3rd 2011 and weighed in at about 190 post delivery. I put on roughly 50 pounds during my pregnancy. Before I got pregnant I wore between sizes 7 and 9. After I delivered my son, I was wearing between sizes 13 and 15 in jeans.”"I was not used to being this size and realized that something had to change.” “I started working out with Tippy in August 2011 about 3 days a week. She also helped me to get my eating habits under control and taught me how to focus on a healthy lifestyle change instead of dieting. Once I started seeing results, it made me want to try harder and work out more. Tippy pushed me to run my first 5K and now on top of working out with her 3 days a week, I go to spin classes 2 days a week. I can honestly say that without Tippy I would not have achieved these results this soon. I never realized how far I could push myself until now. She doesn’t take any excuses and forces you to go the limit and to strive to always be better than you were the week before. Thanks to Tippy’s motivation and belief in me, I have lost 40 pounds in 5 months. I’m so proud of myself and the goals that I have reached. I have a new outlook on eating, exercise and my overall lifestyle.” “I don’t believe that any of this would have been possible without having Tippy as my trainer, motivator, and friend.” – Melissa Harbour